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Restoring and Maintaining A Shine with Ceramic Coatings

Revitalize your Car Paint & Seal the Shine for 2 to 10 years! Wow! How? A ceramic coating is not a topical product like Carnauba wax or even a paint sealant. Ceramic coatings bond chemically – not topically - to the paint surface so the two become one coated surface that cannot be rubbed or worn off! Let American Detail show you how!

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New Certifications in the Installation of Xpel PPF

American Detail can install Xpel Paint Protection Film only on the most vulnerable spots like the front end and side panels, or we can cover the entire vehicle, and reinforce the protection with a ceramic coating on top! PPF will prevent swirls and holograms, water spots and rock chips. Not only that, you will get a lot more for your trade-in or when you sell your vehicle. Get the scoop on PPF.

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Welcome to the American Detail Car Care Blog

It might surprise you to know that despite that shiny exterior, new car paint is rarely flawless! American Detail specializes in paint correction, paint protection, and ceramic coatings that keep your car paint healthy and protected from further damage for years to come.

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