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March 9, 2020

It might surprise you to know that despite that shiny exterior, new car paint is rarely flawless! American Detail specializes in paint correction, paint protection, and ceramic coatings that keep your car paint healthy and protected from further damage for years to come.

A new way to get all your detailing information.

We intend to share important information with you about how you can protect your automotive investment for as long as you own any vehicle - from the day you drive it off the showroom floor until you sell or trade it in for a newer model.

By following our blog however, you just might find three things to be true: First, with a regular detailing routine, you will drive a “like new” vehicle much longer than you have in the past. Second, that thanks to innovative car appearance technology like paint correction, ceramic coatings and paint protection film (PPF), you can save a lot of money by having paint correction specialists like American Detail revitalize its paint as it ages. It’s the most economical way to preserve a great-looking second family car! And third, if you do decide to trade it in or sell it, you will get a lot more money for it because it has been so well-maintained!

Your New Car’s Long Journey into the Perfect New Car Shine.

Buying a new car is exciting regardless of whether it is a practical family vehicle, a luxury sedan, or a long-anticipated sports car or exotic. There is nothing like the pride you feel when you catch the driver next to you admiring her sleek lines, or when the light catches her just right, making her glisten in the sunlight.

But it might surprise you to know that despite that shiny exterior, new car paint is rarely flawless!

It starts with the car manufacturer. Since the 1980s, carmakers have used robotic painters. Yes, they have improved over the years, but almost every new vehicle American Detail inspects, from low-end economy cars to high-end luxury and exotics, we find major flaws in the paint. Uneven paint that distorts the shine to holograms and swirl marks that contort the shine.

Once your new vehicle leaves the plant, it is usually moved by railway where it picks up railway debris; to a weigh station where it often sits for months at a time in a storage yard where it is exposed to dirt and dust, industrial fallout, and the climate.

It is then loaded onto car carrier trailers and transported to your dealership, all the while, exposed to road debris and thousands of environmental contaminants. Once it arrives at your car dealership, it is unloaded onto the lot where it is exposed to rain, sleet, snow, hail, acid rain, bird droppings, bugs, sand and salt, and the scorching sun.

Before you take possession of the keys, it has been manhandled by service technicians, sales representatives and dozens of potential buyers.

The cost of buying a new vehicle is significant. You deserve a new vehicle with perfect paint and a perfect shine!

Perfecting & Protecting New Car Paint.

If American Detail had our way, every customer would stop off at American Detail on their way home from the showroom and let us give an honest assessment of the ‘new” paint. We will show you how we fix these flaws using a meticulous and precision-based paint correction process to smooth your paint and remove any distortions, including the fallout from dangerous environmental contaminants.

Then, using either paint protection film, a durable and long-lasting ceramic coating, or both – American Detail will send you home with a new vehicle whose high gloss paint is healthy and protected from further damage for years to come.

Later this week, we will share more about the benefits of ceramic coatings and how to choose the coating that best fits your lifestyle, your needs and your budget!

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